Hiking: Better Than Sex?

on September 12, 2008 by Administrator

The year 2000 brought about a new generation of people concerned with their health, the state of the planet, and the contents of microwave meals. Scientists forced study after study upon the public warning them of the dangers of the sun, binge drinking, and more recently, jogging. It is no small wonder that when science gifts us an activity that actually benefits our body and improves our way of life that people are skeptical.

Walking is man’s very own transportation system and yet many people prefer to forego their limbs and catch a bus to work. It is this mentality that often results in obesity and poor physical health. Light jogging or treadmill use is regularly prescribed as an excellent fat-burning activity but it can cause painful shin splints, twisted ankles, and extensive damage to a number of joints. Perhaps less seriously, running in warm weather can also cause more embarrassing ailments such as ‘jogger’s nipple’ -– irritation of the nipple due to friction from loose-fitting clothing. Hiking on the other hand is a much gentler activity often concerned with transportation, sightseeing, or interaction with other people rather than fat burning.

Walking promotes strong hamstrings, gets people out of the house, and is overall a much less unpleasant experience than jogging. A gentle thirty minute stroll can burn up to three times more calories than sex and while both can sometimes be considered group activities, the former rests easier on your conscience and provides a much more efficient aerobic workout.

It may seem peculiar to suggest that people should give up jogging or sex but remember that the next time you’re single, be glad you can still go for a walk.

Written by Chris Illingworth

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